Dear All,

We have received some wonderful contributions for the AfNet Conference 2017: Transcending Borders and Reinventing Identities: Technology in Africa, and would like to thank those of you who sent in such engaging and poignant proposals for the event. 


However, we still have some space for a miscellaneous panel, and as AfNet exists to promote dialogue between all students researching African communities in the University of London, and our neighbouring colleagues, we would like to encourage students to submit abstract proposals on antopic so that we may make effective use of the time we have together on the 8th May.

Research students from any department and any institution are therefore able to submit an abstract of 200-500 words on a topic of their choice, as long as the research in question pertains to African communities. 

We are also looking for members of AfNet who may be happy to speak about their experiences on fieldwork, please contact us if you are interested at afnetlondon@gmail.com 


This opportunity is only available until the 4th April, so we encourage you to spread this information within your respective networks. 


With best wishes,
Your AfNet Co-coordinators.


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