Dear All,

We would like to introduce ourselves as your new AfNet Co-coordinators. Please see our short biographies below for more information about our research interests, academic and professional backgrounds.
It is our pleasure to be working towards greater interaction between PhD students across all disciplines, whose research pertains to the study of African communities.

We are currently working on the 2017 AfNet Conference, and a call for papers will be released at the end of this month.
If you have any questions about AfNet, or if you wish to be removed from the mailing list, please let us know by dropping us a message on

With best wishes,

Kuziwakwashe Zigomo, Kingsley Chukwu, Mpigi Gbenekanu Ledornu and Ella Jeffreys

Kuziwakwashe Zigomo (Royal Holloway, University of London)

Kuziwakwashe Zigomo holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Media and Communication Studies and Marketing from Monash University, South Africa, and a Master of International Studies Postgraduate Degree in Peace and Conflict Resolution from the University of Queensland, South Australia. Kuziwakwashe is doing her PhD on conceptualisations of statehood in Zimbabwe and is based at Royal Holloway, University of London in the Department of Politics and International Relations. Prior to this, Kuziwakwashe worked as a Research Intern then as a Research Assistant at a local independent political think tank in Zimbabwe where she authored a Research Paper entitled, ‘A Community-Based Approach to Sustainable Development: The Role of Civil Society in Rebuilding Zimbabwe’ (2012) which can be found on the Solidarity Peace Trust Website. Kuziwakwashe’s research interests include; Southern African politics (particularly Zimbabwe, South Africa and the over-arching SADC region), migration, citizenship and belonging, gender equity and equality, development, and security. 

Mpigi Gbenekanu Ledornu (University College London) 
Mpigi Gbenekanu Ledornu is from Rivers State in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. He obtained his BSc in Human Anatomy from University of Port Harcourt Nigeria, a Masters in Public Health from University of Bedfordshire and MSc in Environment and Sustainable Development from University College London. He is a prince2 certified practitioner. Mr Mpigi G L is the assistant sustainability manager in department of hydrocarbon pollution remediation project (HYPREP) under the federal ministry of environment Nigeria. He has worked the MDGs Port Harcourt and also Tai local government authority planning department.
Mr Mpigi G L also own a consultancy firm in Nigeria (The Sustain Consult LTD) which provides environmental, agribusiness, public health, mentoring, local and foreign university placement and project support consultancy in the west African sub-region. This consultancy is set up with the aim of influencing development debate, policy and practice in order to archive unrivalled client success. Mpigi’s research which is titled “The Social Network of Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture and the Transformation of Livelihoods” is geared towards building livelihoods that will lead to poverty reduction among urban households in Port Harcourt City Nigeria.
Ella Jeffreys (SOAS)

Ella Jeffreys is working towards her PhD in History at SOAS, funded by the Wolfson Foundation. Her research focuses on the asafo system in the Fante speaking communities of contemporary Ghana, and brings together themes on intercultural exchange within the Atlantic World, local cosmologies, violence, gender and generation. She holds a BA History from SOAS, and an MSc African Studies from the University of Oxford, where she was a recipient of of the ORISHA scholarship and the Anthony Kirk-Greene Prize. Ella is also a qualified teacher, and previously taught History and Sociology at secondary level in London. She has worked as a Graduate Teaching Fellow in African Studies at the University of Fort Hare, and as a research assistant in the Ghanaian national and regional archives.
Kingsley Chukwu (Kings College London) 
Kingsley Chukwu is doing his PhD at the African Leadership Centre based in Kings College London. His research focuses on the effects of insurgency and terrorism on informal enterprises/economy and the associated security implication and his case study is North-Eastern Nigeria. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from University of Nigeria and a Master of Arts degree from Middlesex University. Kingsley served in the Nigerian Army for over ten years and had varied roles including intelligence and training facilitation before moving to the development sector and working as a researcher and facilitator for some non-governmental organisations.
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