African Research Student Network (AfNet) Welcome Session!

Hello Everyone,

The Africa Research Student Network (AfNet) will hold its first event of the year on Thursday, 30th of October: a welcome session to new and returning PhD students. Please come along and meet other PhD students, find out more about AfNet, learn about our current ideas for the year and get involved in planning the year ahead. We are certainly looking for people with ideas and energy to put them into practice.

The welcome session will start at 5.30pm in Room G07, Pearson Building, UCL (Gower Street). Everyone is welcome and refreshments will be served!

What’s the African Research Student Network (Afnet) about?

Afnet is an interdisciplinary network created in October 2012 to facilitate dialogue and partnerships amongst research students from different disciplines whose geographic area of focus is Africa. It aims:

  • to provide opportunities for research students with an interest in Africa to meet, discuss ideas, share experiences and socialize;
  • to create a friendly and supportive environment where research students can present and discuss their work;
  • to create a forum where ideas can be exchanged and future collaborations maybe imagined;
  • to become a platform where people can exchange information about Africa related events as well as professional development/ funding opportunities for research students.

At the moment, for the 2014-2015 we have the following activities planned:

  • Three seminars (one per term), where PhD students can present their work and receive feedback from other PhD students in a friendly and supportive atmosphere;
  • An “Africa Research Day”, one-day conference including presentations by PhD students and plenary lectures by established academics.

We look forward to meeting you on the 30th October!

Susana and Jin-ho​



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