Extended Call for Contributions: Feminist Africa Issue on “Pan-Africanism”

The African Union celebrated its 50th Year in May 2013, under the general theme Pan-Africanism and Renaissance. At the gala and summit, Africa’s Heads of State’s congratulated themselves on the region’s rising GDP ‘s, anticipating a renewed foreign interest. We are already witnessing a renewed scramble for the material wealth of the region – most explicitly manifest in the land grab that threatens the very fabric of Africa’s survival. The impending expiry of the millenium development goals set up by the UN and sponsored by Jeffrey Sachs and his cohort presents the unpalatable scenario of an Africa characterized by growth without development. Social inequalities sharpen, as globalization continues to subordinate people to the exigencies of transnational capital.

Pan-Africanist discourse challenges feminist intellectuals to critically appraise what half a century of African Union has delivered to women, children and indeed, ordinary men. Hard struggles have seen women makes modest inroads into political power, while the exploitation of women’s labor continues apace. Women in Africa – like our lands before us – are being “discovered” , newly branded as the next “emerging market”. How do we theorize the multifarious manifestations of global neoliberal rationalities in Africa, complete with their attendant constructions of gender and sexual politics? What can we demand from a African Union led by the first-ever woman Chair, with just two women Heads of State in a community of fifty-four nations competing for foreign investment? How is Year 50 being lived on the frontlines of our many awakenings and popular struggles?

We invite features, standpoints, conversations, profiles, and cultural reviews on the gender dynamics of the past and future of pan-Africanism.

Electronic submissions only to  agi-feministafrica@uct.ac.za

Cc amama@ucdavis.edu

Please type< FA20> in your subject line

For features submit your abstract by extended deadline of  FEB 28th 2014.

All completed submissions by March 30th 2014.

Editorial policy and submission requirements can be found at http://agi.ac.za/editorial-info


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