Horn of Africa Seminar Series at Oxford

The Horn of Africa Seminar at Oxford brings together students and scholars interested in examining the region from a multidisciplinary and comparative perspective.


Except where otherwise noted, the seminar takes place on Tuesdays at 5.00 pm in the Seminar Room, at the African Studies Centre (13 Bevington Road, OX2 6LH).


January 21 – Sara Marzagora (SOAS)
Hybridizing modernity: reformism and its failure in Ethiopian political thought from Adwa to the 1960s
January 30 – South Sudan Crisis Roudtable*
Panellists: Douglas Johnson (Independent); Annette Weber (SWP, Berlin); Peter Biar Ajak (Cambridge)

Respondent: Ahmed Al-Shahi (Oxford); Chair: Jason Mosley (Oxford)

*On Thursday, in cooperation with the African Studies seminar, Dahrendorf Room, St Antony’s college.


February 4 – Katie Hickerson (University of Pennsylvania)
Sacred Space and Urban Geography: the Body Politics of Muhammad Ahmed al-Mahdi and General Charles Gordon, 1885 – 1956
February 11 – Andy Harris (Oxford)
Security in the Absence of a State: Traditional Authority, Livestock Trading, and Maritime Piracy in Somalia
February 18 – Zoe Cormack (Durham)
Reconstruction and memorial in Gogrial: managing the difficult past in a small town in South Sudan
February 25 – Ian Campell (Independent)
Yekatit 12: The Massacre of Addis Ababa, 19 February 1937
March 4 – Daniel Branch (Warwick) and Jason Mosley (Oxford)
State-building & economic expansion in the frontiers: stability, investment & risk in Ethiopia and Kenya
March 11 – Günter Schöder (Independent)
Transition from guerrilla forces to regular army in Eritrea and Ethiopia: a comparison

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