From Peacebuilding towards Development: Opportunities and Challenges for Sierra Leone’s Future

6 December 2013, 2.30pm

London School of Economics

New Academic Building: Alumni Theatre


This roundtable discussion will address and critically assess some of these challenges as well as emergent opportunities facing Sierra Leone going forward. The following questions will guide the discussion:

  • Which aspects of peacebuilding and development processes have had and continue to have a particular good or bad track record, how and why?
  • How could Private Sector Development complement the current developmental agenda of the country and how could Corporate Social Responsibility be better promoted? What role should the Government of Sierra Leone play in Private Sector Development?
  • What is the current situation regarding the rule of law and human rights? What is the nature of the “corruption” problem and how can it be tackled?
  • What can be done to address youth underemployment, intergenerational power imbalances and underlying conflict between elders and youths?
  • Have the Government of Sierra Leone and the international community been successful in promoting the public health care system in the course of the peacebuilding process?

RSVP to luisa.enria@qeh.ox.ac.uk


One thought on “Roundtable: Opportunities and Challenges for Sierra Leone’s Future, LSE, Dec. 6th

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